Why do businesses compete ‘on the floor’ of E-Commerce?

Social media is a popular sales channel, but it also has many weaknesses.
In the booming landscape of e-commerce, consumers tend to shop with multiple channels instead of loyalty to a single channel. Specifically, the HBR survey showed that 73% of the 46,000 people appreciated the omnichannel shopping experience of an online store. According to Sapo’s annual report in 2019, 97% of online stores apply multi-channel retail. In which, more than 54% of shop owners own 5 sales channels.

From the above figures, it can be seen that the expansion of online trading channels, including e-commerce floors, is a clear trend. That is also the reason why Sagrifood, like many other businesses and household businesses, decided to “go on the floor”.

What businesses get when “going on the floor”?
Choosing “listing”, the first benefit retailers receive is to participate in training, support the use of tools of the floor to attract buyers (such as livestreams, tools to display and reach customers … ), while benefiting from professional logistics infrastructure and services, which are constantly being upgraded.

“On the floor” helps businesses benefit from professional logictics services.
Merchants can also take advantage of the cross-platform advertising coverage of e-commerce floors to reach more users. For example, present in 6 Southeast Asian markets, Lazada floor supports many brands to access the preeminent e-commerce ecosystem with effective sponsorship solutions such as affiliate marketing, keyword sponsorship tools.

With its affiliate marketing solution, it leverages its marketing network of more than 1,000 partners, including content creators, high-traffic websites, top networks, and cashback applications to promote and sell products.

Meanwhile, with the keyword sponsorship tool, the brand’s products will be given priority to appear on the search results page, thereby increasing the visibility of the product to the right customers in need.
Small business households can access large customers thanks to the coverage of the e-commerce floor.
During and after Covid-19, many e-commerce floors also actively connected banks with merchants to obtain preferential loans. Many policies to attract businesses with fresh food and “listed” agricultural products have also been launched, helping businesses overcome difficulties for better business development.

With Sagrifood, after two months of “going on the floor”, the revenue growth compared to the first month reached 600%. Although there are still many surprises when operating on the booth, or processing orders delivered to customers, but thanks to the enthusiastic support from Lazada team, all difficulties of the business are solved and received quite good feedback. good from customers.

“This is a good start for us to go further in the online market,” said Ms. Minh An.

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